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Danger: if you meet it promptly & without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never!- Winston Churchill

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Mom’s Life Sketch and Eulogy


sherry perry

Christmas 2009 (L-R: Chris, Mom, Jay, Me)

(This is an edited version of the life sketch/eulogy I gave at my mom’s memorial service in CA 2 weeks ago today.  Anything I could say about mom would be thoroughly inadequate.)

Early Years
Sherry Perry was born Sherry Lee Hinkle on February 10, 1950 in Glendale, CA to Dr. J L & Myrtle Hinkle.  Grandma once described my mom as a wee thing who was an easy baby to carry around.  All of grandma’s other babies, except for Judy, were bruisers, weighing in at 8 pounds.
When mom was about 2 years old, grandpa was stationed in Germany as an army doctor, but was soon joined there by the family: Sherry, baby Judy, and grandma.  Not long after, Marcia was born in Wurzburg Germany.  Grandpa was in Germany about 2 years. Read the rest of this entry »

Mom’s Obituary

My mom passed away Christmas Eve morning.  I really miss her.


Sherry Lee (Hinkle) Perry, age 61, of Shakopee, MN died at home on Saturday, December 24, 2011 after a long struggle with cancer. Sherry was born February 10, 1950 in Glendale, CA to Dr. J. Lee and Myrtle Hinkle.

Sherry was a Psychiatric Nurse for 23 years in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and California. She played piano and organ and enjoyed singing.

Sherry is survived by her children, Jonathan Perry of Lincoln, NE, Jay and Kendra Perry of Shakopee, MN, and Christopher and Kirsten Perry of Omaha, NE, her grandchildren, Blake, Raya, and Nathaniel, her parents, J. Lee and Myrtle Hinkle, her siblings, Judy Cardenas, Marcia Hinkle, Jay Hinkle, and John Hinkle, and nephews Christian Cardenas and Daniel Williams.

Preceding Sherry in death is her brother Earl “Bud” Hinkle.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 2:00PM at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Anderson, CA. Feather River Hospital Chaplain Tom Adams will be officiating.

In lieu of flowers, Sherry has asked that donations be made to the HIV Foodbank, PO Box 493283, Redding, CA 96049 or the American Cancer Society.

Erector Set Plane

erector set plane meccano constructionSaturday night, instead of going to a birthday party with friends, I stayed home sick and built an Erector set.  I’d never built one before, but received one as a gift last Christmas & didn’t crack it open until last night.  It was fun and not terribly difficult to build.

Invented 100 years ago, Erector sets use nuts, bolts, pulleys, and gears and I had the option of building 4 or 5 different things (that’s why I had extra parts left over).  I’ve seen some cool antique Erector sets at antique shops & almost picked one up once. I may do it yet.

For a long time I’d wanted to build one like the legions of children through the years.  It’s cool to think of this old cultural bit of playtime that included inventive and industrial components.  At least when I built mine, I was away from the tv and internet for a bit, so I do have some degree of self-control and completion.  Even though it looks like Frankenstein’s airplane, it’s swell and I’ll have to build another set soon.

7 Ways Buying a Car is Like Dating


ford escape suv xlt 2005 burgundy

Glamour Shot of My Latest Debt Acquisition

I was in a car accident a few weeks ago (sorry, I forgot to take photos) and it pretty much interrupted my post-Hawaiian trip afterglow.  My 10 year-old ‘old-man car‘ was smashed up, but since the other driver was cited for an illegal lane change and at fault, I received a settlement and decided to buy a car (Darrin won’t be able to abuse me anymore about having an old-man car).  No one was injured.

I ended up buying a used Ford Escape SUV.  It’s burgundy with a moonroof.  I love it!  (Thanks Bigler Motors!) Part way through the buying process it struck me that buying a car is a little like dating, which might sound a bit weird until you think about.

Years ago, one of my teachers, Mr. Bruce, consoled a recently dumped student by telling him that women were like taxis or buses (not sure which).  “As soon as one drops you off, another one will be right along to pick you up.”   Wise man.

Here are 7 ways buying a car is like dating: Read the rest of this entry »

Snorkeling In Hawaii

fish school hawaii kona

I recently returned from Hawaii after spending 2 weeks being a camera-crazed tourist (I took 1800 photos).  One of my favorite parts of the trip was the snorkeling jaunt we made off the coast of the big island near Kona.  Both my Uncle John and my Aunt Marcia had snorkeled in exotic spots before, whereas I’d only snorkeled in my grandparents’ swimming pool when I was 12, so I was looking forward to trying it out. Read the rest of this entry »

Naming the Bachelor Fortress



Superman Hides from Lois Lane

The Vanderbilts have the Biltmore Estate.   The French royals had Versailles.  Blenheim Palace is the birthplace of Winston Churchill and has a fun garden maze.  Superman had the Fortress of Solitude.  Um, there’s Howard’s End.  See, I think it’s time I named my little house.  My bachelor pad.  My precious. Read the rest of this entry »

Drilling Holes (In My Wall) For Mankind

stainedglasswindowcathedralchurch hungI just drilled holes in my wall to hang a stained-glass window and it only took me 2 months.  I’m on the ball.

In August, after some searching, I finally found and purchased a cool stained-glass window at an antique shop.  It was awesome.  Once I brought it home, though, it sat leaning against a wall except for when I brought it out to admire it or take glamour shots of it in the moonlight.  I meant to hang it in my dining room, but that required drilling holes in my wall for the screw anchors.  The thing is, I have little recent experience drilling holes in walls, but I have done it before. Read the rest of this entry »

Butter Question On A Social Networking Site

(The following is a recent online conversation I had about butter, salt, and margarine with some of my friends on a certain social-networking site. Names have not been changed to protect any innocents. All are guilty!) Read the rest of this entry »

Antique Stained-Glass Window For the Bachelor Pad

Earlier this summer I found this great stained-glass window at an antique shop in Iowa. It was perfect because I'd been looking around for a nice one at a decent price, but everything similar cost about 50% more or just wasn't appealing enough. This was just right. I even managed to get the seller to come down a bit on price. Score! This 2' x 3' window might not be terribly old, but I like the design and the colors. I also like the cathedral/church window shapes within the window. Read the rest of this entry »

Dating Inquisition By My 8 Year-Old Niece

spanish inquisition motivational poster monty pythonI spent a fun 4th of July with my brother Chris and his family picnicking and watching fireworks.  In their backyard at lunch, my adorable 8 year-old niece sat next to me at the picnic table and asked matter-of-factly, “So, Uncle Jonathan, how old are you now?

I paused a long moment, then mumbled into my veggieburger, “Thirty-ish.”  Fully expecting her to be agog at my ancientness (and near falsehood), I was a bit surprised when she calmly continued her line of questioning.

Thirty-ish.”  She pondered my answer.  “And are you dating anyone?Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Song-I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You

My friend Peter posted this video online a few days ago & it’s been stuck like gum to the sole of my brain ever since.  Our Friday Song,  Black Kids‘ “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You“, was released 3 years ago, but apparently not as widely as it should have been, otherwise I would’ve peppered it into various playlists long ago.  The long title might work against it, but the song finds awesomeness in being the love child of The Cure and The Go! Team, 2 very different, but swell bands.  Check it out.  Happy Friday, Goatlings!


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Depeche Mode and High School Girls

The Dating Sweet Spot

So, there’s this hilarious mythical theory stating that from ages 35 to 45 men are in the perfect position to date the widest age range of women: from post college lasses in their mid twenties to the lasses’ 55 year old mothers (but not actually the mothers and daughters simultaneously because that would be weird). It's known as the Dating Sweet Spot. One could surmise, based purely on age averages, that men in their 30s and 40s cut right in between those extreme age groups of women, thus giving credence to this theory of successfully dating all around the outer edges of time and space. Read the rest of this entry »

Touring The Coba Mayan Ruins In Mexico

In December I climbed a Mayan pyramid. It was awesome. I am not Spiderman. Before Christmas I took a Caribbean cruise with some of my former college classmates where we did some mission-y projects at the ports in between bouts of sea-sickness. The seas were so rough (Stuff broke. Gravity was defied.) that we could only stop at 2 of our 4 ports and only one of those was a project port. The other port, our last, was Cozumel, Mexico. Read the rest of this entry »

Hair Like Peter Brady’s

I was deep in thought under a maple tree the other day, pondering existentialism, when I began reflecting on my hair and how I should totally use one of those programs where you upload a photo of yourself, then add different hairstyles to see how awesome/hideous you look. I’m thinking fro. Oh wait, I DO have a fro pic! A few weeks ago at work when Darrin saw me and said, “Hey, Peter Brady!” I knew that a) he was having a very Jan Brady day, and b) he was also harassing me for me vague resemblance to Peter Brady (of The Brady Bunch) by way of longish hair. I hadn’t had a haircut in 6 months. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bachelor Goat Who Liked To Eat: A Cautionary Tale

(To be recited in an elegant English accent or Suessian manner near a big red barn, overlooking grazing goats, while standing on your head in the mud, until the farmer chases you off his property with a shotgun.) There once was a young goat named Gatsby the Bleater, who never stopped feeding, he was such a big eater. Read the rest of this entry »