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Friday Song-White Nights by Oh Land

This is Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land (real name Nanna Øland Fabricius) with “White Nights“.  I think she sounds a bit like Bjork in a pixie-ish way.  Fantastic song.  Cool weird video.

I’m really loving her eponymous album which was probably my favorite album of 2011.  And that’s saying something because I have trouble getting full albums to stick anymore.  It may be that I’m getting old & less easily impressed or it could be that new music isn’t as good or that the iPod set-up is messing with my head.  Maybe there’s just too much music to sort through.

Her album features several really cool songs (check out “Sun of A Gun“, “Wolf and I” and  “Turn It Up” (which was featured in a tv commercial)).  Last year she toured with & opened for Katy Perry and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD).  By the way, Oh Land turns 27 next week (I only know because I just checked info about her online.  It’s not like I’m stalking her or anything.).  Happy Birthday, Oh Land.  May you sell lots of music and perhaps put up a tent in my backyard.

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