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Easter Antiquer


magnifying glass with alligator clipsSunday afternoon, I was driving home after spending a great Easter brunch with my brother Chris and his family, when I drove past an antique mall.  I hadn’t been there in several months and was surprised to see a number of cars in the parking lot.  I figured it would be closed on Easter, but it was as open as a head wound (or something else less gross that’s open).  2 and a half hours later, low on fluids, I walked out of the antique mall into the fresh air and sunshine with some pretty awesome items that I totally don’t need.Here’s what I found:

Item 1.  Red Plaster Lion Head-Yes, you read right.  A red lion head made of plaster.  I have a small collection of lions statues & figures and this is by far the largest at 16” tall and 15” wide.  It would be cool to know if it was made as a specialty item for a restaurant or something. I just need to find the right wall to hang it on.  $19

Phonograph Horn edison cygnet cylinderItem 2.  Phonograph Horn (probably Edison Cygnet-Style)– I’ve been trying to ID this phonograph horn to find out which model it is by comparing it with online photos.  The seller described it as an Edison, though I find no such markings on it.  It probably is.  I don’t know whether it’s a traditional record or cylinder phonograph horn, but whatever it is, it’s pretty dandy.  It was priced lower than I would have expected & though not as as awesome as the red phonograph horn I bought last year, it cost about half as much.  I don’t know how I’ll display either of them.  $27

antique mantel clock steampunk mantleItem 3.  Largish Broken Mantel Clock– I like clocks & hope to acquire some nice antique mantel clocks in the future.  Possibly even some cuckoo action.   Having said that, this 22” clock was cool because, even though it’s broken, it looks attractive & the clock works are exposed in a nifty steampunk sort of way.  It could stand some repair to the wood.  $27

Item 4.  Magnifying Glass With Alligator Clips On A Weighted Stand– I bought this because it looked like a small robot or humanoid figure.  Also, it can hold stuff while you look at it through the magnifying glass.  I probably paid more than I needed to on this one, but lower costs for the other items could offset that. $12

I’ll have to show you some of my other groovy antique finds sometime just to be annoying.  db

The secret word is cygnetread lion head plaster


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2 Responses to “Easter Antiquer”

  • Chris:

    Any interest in selling the phonograph horn?

  • Brandon:

    Any chance that horn is still for sale? I need it for a school project where I am building my own speaker system. Please respond when possible. Thank you!