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What Would You Do With $500 Million?


cash money lottery winnings dollars millionaireLet’s say you suddenly fell into a great deal of money.  $500 Million.  An insane amount of money.  That’s half a BILLION dollars.  We know you didn’t win the Mega Millions this time, but maybe you’ve won the sweepstakes or another insane Mega Millions Powerball or sold millions of books like JK Rowling.  Maybe your name is Pip and you inherited your money from an English fugitive you fed on the moors, though you thought the money came from Miss Havisham.  Whichever way you acquired the $500 million, it’s yours to spend.  How would you spend it?

Sure you’d pay off your bills, build a mansion, travel the world, maybe donate to charities.  Definitely retire. It’s hard to know for sure until you actually get there.  Yes, you’ll lose half of it to taxes, but still $250 million would hold you for a while.  You’d have to build up stamina against all your new best friends asking for handouts.  Certainly you’ll give some away, but you have to draw the line somewhere.  You’d have to walk through a dirty city in shame just knowing you’re one of the hated 1% protested by the same folks who bought tickets hoping to be members of the 1%.  If you’re smart (and trust the stock market & investments in general), you’d invest a large portion of it, so that it regrows like the freaky tail of a lizard.  What else would you do with it?


Le Chateau de Chenonceau

Le Chateau de Chenonceau

How would I use it?  First the basics:  If I won $500 million, I’d quit my job and travel the world with an emphasis at 1st to decide where to settle down and build my primary chateau (I have it kind of planned out, but I’ll save that for another hallucination).  I’d set aside money for my nephews and niece to go through college and medical school (crossing fingers).  Then I’d set up a charity to donate to other charities (however that works) maybe focusing on cancer research and hunger.

(My Bucket List)

Next I might make an endowment to my alma mater or a hospital, so they could build a new and useful facility and we’d name it after my mom.  If we build other facilities, we might name them after my grandparents or my dog from when I was a kid.  (Maybe not the dog.  Her name was Tonka.  Tonka Memorial Hospital?)  It might be cool to build a quality recording studio in my main house next to the music room and library or just on the estate somewhere.  Then I could make decent recordings of my music.  As a multi-millionaire who gained the wealth prior to breaking into the creative fields, I might have to use a pseudonym to be taken seriously as a musician and a writer, since I’d also pursue this avenue, publishing the books I’ve already written and finishing up the others.  Let’s just put it all out there.

Hmmm..what else?  Build homes in other places.  Buy a plane.  Start a few businesses.  Collect art & cool antiques- musical antiques.  Build a super doomsday bunker.  Complete all the items on my bucket list and add another 100 items.  Get a personal trainer, housekeeper/cook, groundskeeper.  Horses?  I don’t know.  I’ll stop.  It’s just gets crazy.  Can an American buy an English lordship?  I have some in my family tree.  Whatever.  I suppose I could finally settle down and have a family. db

So what would you do with $500 million?  What’s your dream?  Is it insane? Tell us!

The secret word is hallucination

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One Response to “What Would You Do With $500 Million?”

  • Roland LaFrance, Sr:

    I would feed people, and also provide better fire and ems services for the residents of the park in which we live. I need a good, used but operational mini-pumper to do that. Feeding people is easier, …provide. plenty of decent foodstuffs to our local church food bank, and other area food banks.

    Fire equipment, upkeep, and training isn’t cheap. I’ve been a firefighter & fire lieutenant & medic most of my adult life. The fire and ems services in our community are often overwhelmed, which has caused delayed responses to fires and emergencies in our park, to where I had to use garden hoses to saves neighboring homed when we’be had house fires. I want to provide better protection.