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Danger: if you meet it promptly & without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never!- Winston Churchill

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Archive for April 2012

Friday Song-White Nights by Oh Land

This is Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land (real name Nanna Øland Fabricius) with “White Nights“.  I think she sounds a bit like Bjork in a pixie-ish way.  Fantastic song.  Cool weird video.

I’m really loving her eponymous album which was probably my favorite album of 2011.  And that’s saying something because I have trouble getting full albums to stick anymore.  It may be that I’m getting old & less easily impressed or it could be that new music isn’t as good or that the iPod set-up is messing with my head.  Maybe there’s just too much music to sort through.

Her album features several really cool songs (check out “Sun of A Gun“, “Wolf and I” and  “Turn It Up” (which was featured in a tv commercial)).  Last year she toured with & opened for Katy Perry and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD).  By the way, Oh Land turns 27 next week (I only know because I just checked info about her online.  It’s not like I’m stalking her or anything.).  Happy Birthday, Oh Land.  May you sell lots of music and perhaps put up a tent in my backyard.

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The Great Suburban Mushroom Hunt


morels mushrooms hunting“Hey Wookiee,” Randy hailed me from across the office, “I was thinking we might go mushroom hunting Friday after work. We’ll see if we can get Galen to come, too.”

“AWESOME! That would really boost my Mo-REL.”

Randy had just been mushroom hunting a few days before and bagged several tasty morels out at his old hunting grounds in the country. He’d been mushroom hunting since he was knee high to a grasshopper, as had a few other coworkers, but until about 3 years ago I didn’t know it was a thing.

Though I’d lived in Nebraska 20 years, I hadn’t really been tight with any old-school Nebraska natives or known the strange ways of the country folk until one day I overheard Randy and Dave whispering about the hunt in reverently excited tones (which would have sounded cooler with Irish/Amish accents). Read the rest of this entry »

Easter Antiquer


magnifying glass with alligator clipsSunday afternoon, I was driving home after spending a great Easter brunch with my brother Chris and his family, when I drove past an antique mall.  I hadn’t been there in several months and was surprised to see a number of cars in the parking lot.  I figured it would be closed on Easter, but it was as open as a head wound (or something else less gross that’s open).  2 and a half hours later, low on fluids, I walked out of the antique mall into the fresh air and sunshine with some pretty awesome items that I totally don’t need.Here’s what I found: Read the rest of this entry »

What Would You Do With $500 Million?


cash money lottery winnings dollars millionaireLet’s say you suddenly fell into a great deal of money.  $500 Million.  An insane amount of money.  That’s half a BILLION dollars.  We know you didn’t win the Mega Millions this time, but maybe you’ve won the sweepstakes or another insane Mega Millions Powerball or sold millions of books like JK Rowling.  Maybe your name is Pip and you inherited your money from an English fugitive you fed on the moors, though you thought the money came from Miss Havisham.  Whichever way you acquired the $500 million, it’s yours to spend.  How would you spend it?

Sure you’d pay off your bills, build a mansion, travel the world, maybe donate to charities.  Definitely retire. It’s hard to know for sure until you actually get there.  Yes, you’ll lose half of it to taxes, but still $250 million would hold you for a while.  You’d have to build up stamina against all your new best friends asking for handouts.  Certainly you’ll give some away, but you have to draw the line somewhere.  You’d have to walk through a dirty city in shame just knowing you’re one of the hated 1% protested by the same folks who bought tickets hoping to be members of the 1%.  If you’re smart (and trust the stock market & investments in general), you’d invest a large portion of it, so that it regrows like the freaky tail of a lizard.  What else would you do with it? Read the rest of this entry »