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Archive for February 2012

Mirror Gate In the Entryway


mirror gate in the entryway

I found this mirror gate a while back and knew I had to have it.  It’s not old, but was made as a cool mirror.  I’d seen some small antique gates before that I knew would be great as decorative architectural features on the wall, but the one I found was perfect because it came with hanging brackets and a mirror.  The mirror, of course, helps provide visual depth in my narrow entryway.

I accepted the fact that I’d be putting more anchor screws in the wall and that someday when I sell the place there will be a good deal of hole-filling between these anchor holes and the ones for the stained-glass window and the holes from hanging all the other pictures in the house.  Or someone could set up a Lite Brite.  Anyway, I put this puppy up in my entryway.  I like it.

Mirror Gate Closed in the Entrywaythe secret product is Lite Brite


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Cook A Romantic Dinner As Trickery

lady and the tramp romantic dinner(While other guys were out on romantic Valentine’s Day dates with their girls, I was home pondering the nature of life and how much chocolate ice cream I should eat in one sitting. I’m sure I did something manly.  I also worked on this.)

You’ve cooked a very special dinner for your girl and are seated at a candlelit table on a neighbor’s roof (non-sloped). This is approximately how you want your romantic dinner conversation to go (assume breathiness):

You: My Dear, can I give you any more of anything?
Her: My Darling, I’m quite full, it’s all so delicious, but I think I have a little room left for some of your yummy manicotti.
You: Of course, kitten. Here you are. Be sure to save room for dessert. It’s cherry cheesecake.
Her: Mmm, I bet it is, tiger. And you better save some room yourself, my love. () Ooh, watch out for that pigeon.
You: Actually, monkey, that’s a turtledove I borrowed from the aviary. I thought the cooing was soothing. Just look at that cute little leash.
Her: Um, yes, Sniffles. It’s lovely, dearest, but the local pigeons are trying to…Oh, no! Stop that!!
You: () Insatiable.

Disgusting stuff like that. My grandma is blushing. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Song – CALIFORNIA, by Delta Spirit

It’s always cool to find a song that not only sounds great, but resonates with you.  For me, “California” by Delta Spirit is one of those.  As someone originally from California who’s drawn back there by loaded memories, I almost feel this is for me.  Here Delta Spirit sounds a bit like My Morning Jacket or Kings of Leon, even Fleet Foxes, with smooth vocal harmonies, driving guitar, and emotional lyrics.  It’s a super tune.  I need to check out the rest of their music.  Get a happy wallowing fix going.  Happy Friday.

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