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7 Ways Buying a Car is Like Dating


ford escape suv xlt 2005 burgundy

Glamour Shot of My Latest Debt Acquisition

I was in a car accident a few weeks ago (sorry, I forgot to take photos) and it pretty much interrupted my post-Hawaiian trip afterglow.  My 10 year-old ‘old-man car‘ was smashed up, but since the other driver was cited for an illegal lane change and at fault, I received a settlement and decided to buy a car (Darrin won’t be able to abuse me anymore about having an old-man car).  No one was injured.

I ended up buying a used Ford Escape SUV.  It’s burgundy with a moonroof.  I love it!  (Thanks Bigler Motors!) Part way through the buying process it struck me that buying a car is a little like dating, which might sound a bit weird until you think about.

Years ago, one of my teachers, Mr. Bruce, consoled a recently dumped student by telling him that women were like taxis or buses (not sure which).  “As soon as one drops you off, another one will be right along to pick you up.”   Wise man.

Here are 7 ways buying a car is like dating:

1. You might have feelings for your old car, but you know you have to move on.

2. How much car can you afford?  You pretty much want the best one you can get.

3. What are you looking for in a car?  Low miles? Good MPG? Shape? Red? Big trunk?

4. You might have an idea what cars you like, but not really know for sure until one really kicks you in the teeth.

5. It took me a long long time to make a decision on what to get.  Yeah.  I’m indecisive.

6. Test driving the car is probably a good idea (don’t read into that one too much).

7. In the end I went with what I wanted instead of what was most practical.


I’m so glad to be done with car shopping.  It was exhausting trying to decide which way to go and whether my decision was the right one, but I have a feeling I’m going to be happy with my decision for a long time. db

Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

The secret word is moonroof



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5 Responses to “7 Ways Buying a Car is Like Dating”

  • Not sure if I am offended….or amused. Does that make me offused?

  • admin:

    Oh, good. I was going for be offusive. I think. Anyhow, I think it works both ways.

  • Janelle:

    Love the Nissan Xterra, however everyone I know is trying to talk me out of one, because it’s too expensive, uses too much gas, and one coworker told me I could borrow her truck anytime if I needed to ‘haul’ something. However they missed the point. Even if I don’t have anything to tow, the ability to is priceless. Oh and the 4wheel drive for snow and ice. Still dreaming…!

  • admin:

    How fun! Those look like nice cars. It is reassuring to know you can tow something or carry something big if you need to. Of course the 4WD is great, too. I hope you get it! Being cheap, I also wanted to get something at least 3 yrs old, since apparently cars depreciate 47% after the 1st 3 yrs.

  • Janelle:

    That I believe is getting the most for your money. Good idea! Right now is a great time to buy an SUV, depends on the brand, they aren’t as hot as the 40mpg cars! Woohoo!