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Drilling Holes (In My Wall) For Mankind

stainedglasswindowcathedralchurch hungI just drilled holes in my wall to hang a stained-glass window and it only took me 2 months.  I’m on the ball.

In August, after some searching, I finally found and purchased a cool stained-glass window at an antique shop.  It was awesome.  Once I brought it home, though, it sat leaning against a wall except for when I brought it out to admire it or take glamour shots of it in the moonlight.  I meant to hang it in my dining room, but that required drilling holes in my wall for the screw anchors.  The thing is, I have little recent experience drilling holes in walls, but I have done it before.

Years ago, I helped build bookshelves in the poolhouse next to my grandparents’ swimming pool.  One side of the building was used as a shed for pool equipment and the other was used as an apartment by my uncle.  Drilling in the poolhouse wall wasn’t such a big deal because I was following directions and also it wasn’t my house, so I had a little less invested.

Despite this bit of practice, I hadn’t really had the opportunity to do any drilling since.  I’m not ambitious in the ways of the handyman.  I’m concerned I’ll do something wrong that would cause considerable and ugly damage to my house and/or parts of my body.  So, no built-in bookshelves here.  I do have a powerdrill, but for a long time it’s just served as a powerscrewdriver.  Until Sunday.

Sunday, I ‘manned up’ and drilled 2 holes in my wall.  The measurement was off by a mere eighth of an inch, but it was enough to keep the screws from lining up with the hangers (stupid fat screws).  So I remeasured and drilled 2 more holes an inch higher.  The second time was a charm and it felt great.  Yes, the original holes are half visible, but only if you’re carefully inspecting the edges 7 feet up.

Yes, when I sell the house one day, I’ll have to do a bit of patching and painting.  In the meantime, I can enjoy this incredible stained-glass window in my dining room while I consider how I can illuminate it.  I’m thinking LEDs.  Also, there’s this giant mirror-gate-thing that’s been in my foyer for 2 years.  I think I’ll hang that next. db

The secret compound word is powerscrewdriver


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