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6 Killer Dating Links

Writing this blog gives me a great excuse to troll the web and read articles on dating without seeming too weird.  Or much weirder.  Anyway, the links can sometimes be insightful and full of swell ideas for relationships and dating.  Here are 6 killer articles on the world of dating.

1.  6 New Myth-Busting Rules For Singles-Changing one’s perspective is what this is all about.  Don’t discount your date too early.  Rethink the opposite sex.  Reconsider dating taboos.

2.  Men: 5 Lessons For Meeting More Women-This article is strong on salesmanship, effort, and groups of people, but not in a weird way.

3.  The Two Introvert Problem-Addressing the problems shy people have meeting each other, it offers some viable solutions.  This has been vaguely one of my issues, but only vaguely.

4.  12 Ways To Plan A Perfect DateThis covers different types of dates (1st dates, blind dates, 2nd dates, etc) and gives ideas for best interactivity.

5.  Long-Shot Dating Made Doable-Dating out of one’s league can be difficult, but this points out how it can work successfully.

6.  Why The Smartest People Have The Toughest Time Dating-Sure, it’s self-serving for those of us hipster wannabes who think our genius IQs have hampered our love lives.  It may tell us what we want to hear, but it still makes some good points.

Let us know what you think.  db

The secret word is insightful


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