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Antique Stained-Glass Window For the Bachelor Pad

Earlier this summer I found this great stained-glass window at an antique shop in Iowa.  It was pretty perfect because I’d been looking around for a nice one at a decent price, but everything similar cost about 50% more or just wasn’t appealing enough.  This was just right.  I even managed to get the seller to come down a bit on price.  Score!

This 2′ x 3′ window might not be terribly old, but I like the design and the colors.  I also like the cathedral/church window shapes within the window.
Being a pastor’s kid (PK) and someone whose favorite parts of Europe were the architecture of castles and cathedrals, I’m especially drawn to stained-glass windows (and cathedral crypts, but that’s something else).

Of course, now I have to hang it without destroying the wall.  Or the window.  I’ve been planning to hang it in my dining room (the window has a wood frame with hooks), but it’s heavy and I just haven’t gotten around to hanging it, so now my nifty window leans against a wall in a hall.  And instead of hanging it, I’m writing about it.

It might be cool to find a way to illuminate the window, too.  Either way, it’s pretty great.  So that’s one awesome bit of unique antique-y-ness crossed off my shopping list.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy it for years to come.

Have you acquired any fun or unique grotto-filling pieces that you’re pretty stoked about?  Tell us! db

The secret word is architecture.

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