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When Does Middle Age Begin?

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The Dating Sweet Spot

Terri Nunn Dave Navarro Berlin Olivia Newton-John

Terri Nunn records with Dave Navarro

So, there’s this hilarious mythical theory stating that from ages 35 to 45 men are in the perfect position to date the widest age range of women: from post college lasses in their mid twenties to the lasses’ 55 year old mothers (but not actually the mothers and daughters simultaneously because that would be weird). It’s known as the Dating Sweet Spot.  One could surmise, based purely on age averages, that men in their 30s and 40s cut right in between those extreme age groups of women, thus giving credence to this theory of successfully dating all around the outer edges of time and space.

As we get older, especially 30 or more, we see little problem with dating someone a few years older or younger. There’s certainly more leeway at this point than there is for a college student to date a high school jailbait student.  For those women who age well, it’s sometimes hard to tell how old they might really be (I suppose the same goes for dudes). I recently saw the 80s band Berlin open for INXS in concert, and Berlin’s frontwoman, Terri Nunn, looks fantastic for someone about fifty-ish. I thought she was pretty hot (talk about “Take My Breath Away“).

The success of this extreme age dating, of course, depends on the ladies and the guys and their willingness/ability to date beyond their age range. Is 40 year old Joe Blow capable of attracting the interest of 25 year-old Lolita? Is Joe interested in dating 55 year-old Linda and would she date him?

What do you think? Is the dating sweet spot real or is it manufactured?  Maybe it’s just the bravado of a manwhore.  Have you experienced/noticed this phenomenon first hand (we’re not counting Hugh Hefner or other rich entertainers)? db

the secret phrase is extreme age dating

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2 Responses to “The Dating Sweet Spot”

  • Janelle:

    Both people have to have a common ground and speak the same language. I didn’t know they had a name for that time in life….that sounds so much better than middle age!

  • admin:

    It does sound better than middle age, doesn’t it?