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Traumatic Laptop Injury

hard drive error computer laptopYeah, it sounds dramatic.  My laptop had a big hard drive freakout just over 5 weeks ago and I finally got it home from the shop last week.  To be precise, the laptop was in the shop twice over the 5.5 weeks and I actually had it functional for 3 days in between.  There are extenuating circumstances I won’t get into about the length of the absence, but I missed it and yearned for it, like I once did for a certain college ex.

With the laptop broken, I was stuck using my old slow pc in the basement.  Besides slow, it’s not ergonomically placed, is in a room 5 degrees cooler than the upstairs and away from a tv, food, and junkmail.  It’s inconvenient (yeah, I could’ve moved it upstairs, but why move it when I only needed it a few days?).  So, I didn’t blog.  While I don’t always blog weekly like I want to, blogging became even more difficult.  It’s true that I have a backlog of maybe a dozen articles started (‘started’ being the magic word), but I got out of regular rhythms, running back upstairs when my program came back on the tv and downstairs to the computer during commercials, then coaxing the old pc to a useful speed in between.

On the good side, I’m sure I burned up some calories with all the stairclimbing.  I think I ate less food (what with the food being upstairs).  Oh, um, I cleaned up a lot.  Upstairs and down.  I sorted through old boxes, unpacked junk.  I gathered old newspapers for recycling.  I read letters from high school girlfriends. I read a book.  I sort of went through this paradigm shift in the way I lived (ok, maybe I’m being dramatic again).  It was a month without a laptop attached to me on my couch in front of the tv.   I reduced the addiction. In some ways it was pretty good.

Frankly, I’ve been delaying projects for months now.  In addition to the blog and a regular series of articles, I’ve been preparing 2 eBooks for publication (or whatever you call it), but I just keep re-editing again & again, sometimes adding quasi-useful stuff.  Sometimes.  Certainly it’s a psychological ruse to delay completion.  (This is where I mention a need to see a therapist, but only as an empty gesture.)

So anyway, my laptop is home, now.  I didn’t lose any data, so yay.  Time to get back on the horse, restart the writing momentum, finish the ebooks.

Have you broken a computer before and lost valuable data?


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