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The Remaining Bachelor Princes

two princes prince harry william england royal bachelor

Two Princes

My high school friend Heidi has had her heart set on Prince William for some time now, but with the future king of England finally marrying his future queen, Heidi can either go into mourning (poor girl) or set her sights on another prince.  Yes, there’s Prince Harry, of course, but he’s not the only living bachelor prince wandering the earth sans royal consort.

There are several eligible bachelor princes yet to be tricked into matrimony with Victoria’s Secret Supermodels (as Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein nearly was).  These men have the luxury of  money, titles, family, and awesomeness.  Lucky goats.

Remaining Bachelor Princes:

1. Prince Harry (26) is third in line to the throne of England behind his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William.  Best man Harry, the thrower of the Royal Stag Party (bachelor party), has served in the military and is sought after by the dorkily-named Harry Hunters (wannabe princesses.  Silly Brits with their silly nicknames.).

2. Lorenzo Borghese (38) of Italy, is related to Pope Paul V & Napoleon and lives in Manhattan.  He was the bachelor in season 9 of “The Bachelor” (which I totally did not see).  He has no official position as the Italian royal family is no longer in power.  He has a line of pet products.

3. Prince Carl Philip (31) is 2nd in line to the Swedish throne, races cars and was a commander in the navy.  He recently dated a reality tv show star because he can.

4. Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein (36) once dated a Victoria Secret model because he could.  Has also an awesome name (imagine if he becomes king).

5 & 6. Prince Andrea (26) & Prince Pierre (23) are the sons of Princess Caroline of Monaco and grandsons of Grace Kelly.  Prince Andrea has taught in Africa and holds a Masters in International Affairs.  Prince Pierre is still finding himself.

7. Prince Azim of Brunei (28) is the second prince born to the Sultan of Brunei.  A paparazzi favorite, Azim is known for throwing lavish celebrity-studded parties.

8. Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark (24) lives in the NYC.  I’m guessing he must be related to Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth’s husband), since he was also born a prince of Greece and Denmark.  What am I saying?  They’re probably all related (except maybe for Azim).

9. Prince Tao Ruspoli of Italy (35) is a filmmaker and musician living in LA.  He was actually married to the actress Olivia Wilde for several years (but no more, so he’s really a divorcee).

(Sure, I could add photos of more princes, but then I reminded myself that I’m a guy and I’ve already taken things too far by writing this post.  I can only blame my highly attractive female readership for so long.)db

Me in HS dressed as a Prince

The secret word is consort



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