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Firefly Campaign Gains Renewed Momentum

FireflySerenityNathanFillion Summer GlauNERD NEWS ALERT!!

Diehard “Firefly” fans are finding a new energy for their cause.  The cause?  BRING BACK “FIREFLY”!

Resurrect a space cowboy cult TV show that died on the vine 9 years ago?  Sure.  Why not?  Though a casualty in a string of Fox’s quick show cancellations in the 2000s, Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” found a highly devoted and rabid cult-following in its brief run.  Online and mail-in campaigns, as well as paid ads to renew the show at the time fell short, but enough momentum provided for a well-received “Firefly” movie, 2005’s “Serenity”, giving fans a taste of what might have been.

So where is this renewed fan energy coming from?  From Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself.  Nathan Fillion, who currently stars on

firefly women

Uber-glammed women of Firefly

ABC’s “Castle”, recently told Entertainment Weekly that he’d love to resume his role as Mal.  Going a step further he said, “If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to “Firefly,” make it on my own, and distribute it on the internet.”

Now, of course, online reactions to this off-the-cuff statement have started pouring in.  Former writers have told Twitter that they’d love to be involved.  Jewel Staite, who played the sunny mechanic Kaylee said she’d be on board.  A new website, Help Nathan Buy Firefly, even started as a means to collect pledges that would turn into donations should “Firefly” be revived.  The site’s Facebook page has gained nearly 50,000 members in only 5 days!  Another Facebook page, “Bring Back Firefly”, has also seen a surge in members as interest has blown-up.


Mad Men's Christina Hendricks guested on Firefly

While its mix of western and outer space themes was lost on some critics, “Firefly” was critically acclaimed, notable for its design and special effects, winning an Emmy for the latter. Additionally, strong writing and a great ensemble cast made it a fan favorite. Besides Fillion and Staite, the cast included, Ron Glass (“Barney Miller“), Morena Baccarin (“V“), Summer Glau (“The Cape“), Gina Torres (“Alias“) , Adam Baldwin (“Chuck“), Sean Maher, and Alan Tudyk. Christina Hendricks (“Mad Men“) had a recurring role.    -Jonathan B Perry

morena baccarin v firefly

Join the fight.  Help bring back “Firefly”!

The secret word is devotion.

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Jewel Staite

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