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Bachelor POLL: Favorite Fictional Bachelor

FictionalBachelorsJayGatsbyAustinPowersBarneyStinsonJamesBond SherlockHolmes How I Met Your Mother Great GatsbyPoll time:  Who’s your favorite fictional bachelor? I wanted to add Indiana Jones, but apparently he was married once or twice on his down time, so no go.  I’m shunning Willy Wonka out of pure spite (he’s knows what he did).  Anyway, please vote for your favorite fictional bachelor.  You can leave comments below to say why you voted the way you did.  If you think of someone not on the list, let us know & we might add him to the poll.  Or not.  Popeye?  Eh.  Check back for the results.  Vote often.  Eat tacos.

the secret word is favoritism

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