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Nice Guys Finish Last: Why Women are Attracted to Bad Boys

{This is the 2nd in our series, Inside the Female Mind}

(Our guest blogger is Louise Baker.  Louise is a freelance writer whose articles have been featured by MSN, Publisher’s Weekly, and the Consumerist.  She writes for

Unfortunately for the sweet do-right guys out there, it seems that the undeserving bad boy typically gets the girl. Bad boys are rude, inattentive, unfaithful, cheap and an all-around burden for women, but women generally eat up their bad boy demeanor. Personally, I’ve been there and I’ve done that. So, I’m here to tell men just why the bad boy essence is so alluring to the ladies.

It’s all About the Chase

While I may not be riding on the back of a Harley Davidson or posting bail for my bad boy, the union is still rather exciting. He makes me chase him, work for his affection and wonder whether or not my efforts are making him swoon. Approximately 80% of the time the adventure is torturous to my emotions. But, the remaining 20% is filled with an exciting chase which makes all of my senses, emotions and beliefs defy everything I’ve ever known. To most girls, this rush is worth the trouble.

He’s Arm Candy

Let’s face it – looks do matter, and it just so happens that most bad boys tend to make rather scrumptious arm candy. The tailored-to-the-tee style, the nonchalant attitude and the natural good looks are enough to make most girls do a double take. And, if I’m strolling down the street, mall, restaurant or casino with a hunk of a man, it boosts my own ego. It may sound like trying to get a date with the Quarterback in High School, but girls are still competitive and thrive on social standings. My arm candy boosts my social status all the more.

It’s a Project

As a woman, I’m a natural born nurturer. I want to feel needed. I want my input to make a difference in someone’s behavior. And I want to be able to take a sick animal (in this case, my bad boyfriend), and turn him into a thriving, picture-perfect being (in this case, the perfect man). If the man is already close to perfection, as the sweet do-gooders already are, there’s nothing for me to do. There’s less gratification in being with a man that already meets my standards than there is when I have the possibility to turn my bad boy into my perfect Stepford husband.

I can try to change his attitudes, his habits, his living arrangements, his style and his mannerisms. Yes, it sounds neurotic. But, I’m a fixer. And, this is a project which has my name written all over it. Of course, most women do outgrow this stage. But this transition typically only occurs after wasting valuable time on the wrong bad-natured boys.

In hindsight, dating a bad boy is a way for women to feel young, cool, needed and interested. Bad boys cause so much havoc that it’s nearly impossible to get bored, and they let women relive our crazy youth in heart-stopping style.

(Stay tuned for a rebuttal in defense of nice guys!)

Louise Baker writes about online degrees for Zen College Life. She has also recently written about the best schools online.

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9 Responses to “Nice Guys Finish Last: Why Women are Attracted to Bad Boys”

  • Ashley:

    Maybe this is true. I’ve heard all of it before. But it’s never been true for me. I’ve always dated the good guy, the geek, who makes me feel appreciated and loved. Every single guy I dated seriously in high school and college wrote me poetry, brought me flowers, pursued me, and put me on a pedestal.

    I don’t want the “nice guys” out there to give up hope. Some of us actually prefer you!

  • Jay:

    One of the unfortunate things I’ve noticed is that women DON’T appreciate their good boy turning into a bad boy after the fact (which occurs naturally because of the law of entropy).

  • admin:

    Ashley, that’s great to hear and I’m sure it will give our nice guys something to be hopeful for.

  • Janelle:

    Bad boys are attracted to good women also. The problem is they know how to market their assets!

  • admin:

    Boy, Howdy.

  • Janelle:

    However I am not sticking up for the bad boys.

  • Johanna:

    I am to lazy for projects…
    I decided on a former bad boy, already improved.

  • admin:

    Sometimes parolees and their parole officers work well.