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Top 5 Reasons Women Choose to Stay Single

{This is the 1st in our series, Inside the Female Mind}

(Our guest blogger is Louise Baker.  Louise is a freelance writer whose articles have been featured by MSN, Publisher’s Weekly, and the Consumerist.  She writes for

Reason Number Five: Religious

Incompatible religious beliefs are a big deal breaker even for new romances, and usually cause a stall in the relationship even where the couple is able to enjoy each other’s company in social settings. While tolerance is the watch word nowadays, many women feel their personal religious sentiments (or lack thereof) are ties to emotional wellbeing, and find that a mutual agreement in this area is a must for an intimate relationship. Not having that connection keeps a girl going solo.

Reason Number Four: Financial

In these tumultuous financial times, it’s tough enough to pay your own bills, and some women aren’t willing to require financial statements before making an emotional commitment. Being wary about the man in the equation and his math aptitude, rather than getting some ugly financial news (i.e. poor credit score, no savings, past due car payments) after the relationship has grown, Frugal Felicia turns down the applicant and stays single rather than spending years in a relationship paying down someone else’s past due child support.

Reason Number Three: Personal Goals

It’s much easier to keep your eye on the goal when it’s not being distracted by a glint in someone else’s. The need to pursue a college degree or the “perfect” career choice can be too demanding to find time to spend with someone else. Many women know that goals can be fleeting and feel that the prize belongs to the youngest prettiest, contestant. With those golden years passing by quickly, staying single to meet personal goals can be the quick ticket to get where you want to go without extra baggage.

Reason Number Two: High Expectations

Sometimes it’s expectations that have women choosing to stay single. After sitting down and making “must have”, “would like to have” and “can do without” lists, a lot of women find that no one guy can fit their high expectations. But who can blame them? After waiting for Prince Charming all their life and knowing they deserve only the best, staying single can be so much more attractive than settling for second best.

Top Reason Number One: Self Satisfaction

Being content with her own life (being gratified with her work, her art, her family and friends) is the number one reason why women choose to stay single. Not having to deal with someone else’s annoying habits, or being criticized for your own, can really bring peace to any mind. Not answering to anyone else, and being so comfortable in the single woman’s place in this world, is a really fabulous way to keep putting yourself first and foremost at all times.

Louise Baker is a freelance blogger and journalist who writes for Zen College Life, the directory of higher education, distance learning, and online schools. She most recently wrote about the top online accredited colleges.

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9 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons Women Choose to Stay Single”

  • Jaygoat:

    And now you know, Mr. Bachelor. It might not really be about you. Great to have a guest post.

  • admin:

    Hah! You know, some of these are my reasons, too. Weird how that works.

  • jan:

    nice one! still I think there are more reasons why women stay single or some sort. nice article tho.

  • Well someone finally put some information out that, in the long run, help out those guys that think there is something wrong with them. Sorry guys…. just some of us ladies have our own agendas. great post.

  • yvette:

    I let myself be distracted from a career which would have been very fulfilling by getting involved with a man whom I wish I had never met.I got NOTHING out of that relationship,and I never realised the career I was so lucky (I realise now) to have started,I should have had my priorities right,How I regret it now!.

  • Mike:

    I think women remain single because it’s easier to live in a bubble than to crawl out of the shell and actually take a chance getting to meet someone, get to know someone, fall in love with someone, and take a chance with sharing your life with someone. It’s easier to have the cats, house plants, and little midget vibrator than to accept a date from someone who might just not be that 100% perfect guy. Look at it this way… Every time you see a photo of some smiling couple with the kids at Disney, it all began this way; STEP 1: Man says, “Hey Susie, wanna grab some coffee after work?” and then STEP #2: Woman says (smiling), “YEAH, I THINK I’D LIKE THAT.” And that’s how marriages and babies come into the world. If you can’t do step #2 (accepting a date) then you either need to get over yourself or just accept you don’t really want marriage and children. It’s just that simple.

  • Anonymouse:

    @ Mike

    There’s a hell of alot more to it than a woman accepting a *coffee date*. Obviously you’re uneducated in the matter. Bitter, hateful, selfish. Perhaps you’re still nursing from your mother.

    There needs to be a *foundation* on which to build a relationship or marriage, communication, trust, compassion, ability to compromise etc. The majority of both men and women don’t have a clue what that even means.

    Some of us women choose to remain single because we refuse to continue to “talk to the wind”. We aren’t responsible for “explaining” things all of the time. People are hard headed. One or the other is always “right” and the other is “wrong”, one or both say an do things to hurt the other which creates distance. There needs to be a balance along with a foundation in order for a relationship or marriage to work.

  • We chose to stay single because we’ve taken enough chances with you men, whom most turn out to be sumbags. Lying, abusive, arrogant, hormone-oriented, cheating, ungrateful, insensitive scumbags. I’m not saying all of you, just a whole lot of you. And that’s enough to make us stop trying. Live in a bubble? Oh please, Mike. It was only when I let myself be slaves to men who claimed they loved me was I in a bubble.

  • Lynn:

    @Mike – You are right. I simply don’t want to get married or have children, and I’ve accepted this for a long time. I think marriage is unnatural and unrealistic, but that’s my own take on it. I don’t judge or put down others who take that plunge, but it still amazes me how often I am judged or put down or even accused of “destroying traditional American values” by my choice to remain single and child-free. I’m actually doing society a favor, but men (and some women as well) with your mentality will just never see it that way. Why don’t YOU get over YOURSELF and accept the fact that some women are just not cut out to be wives or mothers? It’s just that simple.

    And what do you have against midget vibrators anyway? :-)