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Jimmy Fallon As Neil Young Doing Fresh Prince

(and 75,000 Hits)

A few months ago I stayed up way too late (again) and saw Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because sometimes I like to screw with my sleep schedule.  I haven’t quite embraced him as Conan O’Brien’s successor (I’m still wearing black about the whole Tonight Show thing, too) , but I thought I’d give the dude a chance.  Anyway, Fallon isn’t half bad and more importantly he does a hilarious dead-on impersonation of Neil Young singing Will Smith’s (the Fresh Prince) theme song for Will’s old show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air .  There’s art and then there’s art.  Not to be overly excited or anything (and slightly unrelated), but I’ve had 75,000 blog page hits now!  We must celebrate with this video.  And dancing.  And leftover Easter chocolate.  And that egg dish I ended up making that turned out suspiciously well.

Behold the glory.

The secret word is Harvest.

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