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Intimidated By Smart Girls?

by Jonathan Birddog Perry

Intimidated by smart girls?  Yes.  Yes I am (a little).  But I’m intimidated by lots of women, so it’s not a different thing.

Bianna Golodryga
Smart girls are those studious bookworm types who often fly under the radar.  Sometimes they’re so engrossed in their reading or the studying of Physics or Socrates or Russian Lit or Adam Smith‘s take on Economics that they often go unnoticed by guys and may not notice guys stalking them in the library.  This makes them a great undiscovered and untapped resource.  Finding a new hot smart girl is like finding a gold nugget in a creek.  They’re both shiny and heavy (I mean pretty and smart.  And rare.   Ok, it’s a flawed simile.).  These distracted smart hot girls are not unlike those newly minted beauties who’ve just blossomed into hotness or who have recently lost 30 pounds and aren’t aware how attractive they are, at least early on.  If you can catch one before she develops that sense of self, realizing the evil power she wields over men, do it,  because she will discover her powers and use them and you might not make the cut.

I spent 20 min collecting Natalie Portman pics

I spent 20min collecting pics of Natalie Portman for this post

In college, there was one sciency nerdyish girl, a friend of a friend, who happened to be moderately good-looking, and complained loudly that guys didn’t ask her out because she was so smart.  I remember thinking that it was just possible they didn’t date her because she whined and was so annoyingly full of herself.  And that’s the weakness of the smart girl:  when she knows she’s smart and lets everyone else know, she becomes super-annoying.  And intimidating (of course this all applies to dudes as well, but we’re not talking about guys, are we?).

I’m not suggesting dating dumb girls, though they need love, too.  Boy, do they ever.  There were some girls in college I’d have dated more if I’d been more convinced of normal brain function.  I hope to end up with a smart girl, someone who’s a treat to talk to and who can gently correct my wayward grammar (on those ever-so-rare occasions) or indulge my constant questions about cultures or philosophical issues with thoughtfulness, charm, and accuracy without being smarmy.  I actually do decently in the brains department (he said with all false modesty, while secretly hoping someone discovered his high IQ) and I don’t want to feel like I’m talking to a brick wall.  If, by some chance, the smart girl and I procreated, besides breeding genius asthmatic musical children with low self-esteem and ADD who are beaten up in school (the good stuff would come from her), she could help raise our kids to be smart monkeys who create atom-splitting science fair projects on demand, which is all anyone could ask for.  Of course she’d help keep me on my toes, nurturing me to be that wise goat-baboon hybrid I always knew I could be (I‘m not really insulting my parents).

Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai

Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai

In earlier posts I wrote about different types of women, specifically about how I have a special place in my heart for women who are like the girl next door and who are elegant, especially those who crossover into each type.  I found some outstanding celebrity examples of these women who I think are especially swell.  That may be why I waited to write about smart girls.  I love smart girls, but I honestly can’t think of many celeb examples that I really dig.  There are a few financial-journalist types who seem smart, ABC’s Bianna Golorodryga and CNBC’s ‘money honeyMaria Bartiromo, but I haven’t fully inspected their brains.  I’ll do that now.  Yep, they’re smart. There are many beautiful celebrities who have attended Ivy League schools and other top universities, but we consider these people to be automatically suspect.  At least I do.  Would these women have really gotten into such prestigious schools had they not been famous?  Or hot?  Maybe, maybe not.  Here are my favorites and the schools they attended:  Natalie Portman (Harvard), Kate Beckinsale (Oxford), Clair Danes (Yale), Elisabeth Shue (Wellesley College & Harvard), Jennifer Connelly (Yale & Stanford), and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai (U of Mombai).   All beautiful and well-educated celebrity women, though I think Natalie Portman is the only one to hit the trifecta, making all three of my celeb-crush lists.  She’s pretty nifty.

The key point here is to not overlook smart women, however intimidating they might be, especially the hot smart women who aren’t yet aware how awesome they are.  They can be really interesting, make good company on long roadtrips, and will still be smart and interesting long after the crow’s feet start walking all over them.

(Now I’m a little paranoid a smart girl is going to proofread this and give me a low score.  Dangit.)

The secret word is intimidation.

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