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Warren Beatty’s Bedpost Notches

A few posts ago I made an enormous list of famous historical bachelors, though only briefly mentioned modern bachelors and said absolutely nothing about their sex lives, which is good because I don’t actually know about their sex lives.  One sharp reader commented that actor Warren Beatty had been one such notable modern bachelor until he married Annette Bening a few years back.  Nothing was mentioned about his sex life at the time, though there were plenty of knowing winks and nods.

Now, however, a new biography on Beatty points out what kind of manwhore he really was.  12,775 WOMEN! Britain’s Daily Mail does the math and logistics and it involves population sizes of small English towns and villages (stats are swell).  Of course, the virile basketball player Wilt Chamberlain puts Beatty to shame.  Wilt claims 20,000 women (at least he did in his 1991 bio and that’s been almost 20 years), while the virginal Gene Simmons of KISS only counts in at 4,600 (yay, restraint).  Simmons, however, is no bachelor.  He’s been in a relationship (an open one) with former Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed for over 2 decades.  Why do I mention this?  I thought it was curious.

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