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Battle For Milkquarious

milkquariousYes, it’s a PR campaign by milk, but it’s way groovy!  You know you’ve been itchin’ to check it out.  It’s a futuristic 70s-style camp rock opera trippin’ as a 15 minute movie.  Think Logan’s Run meets blacksploitation (with mostly whities)  meets campy music by way of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for a groovaliciously weird milk campaign.  It’s like Austin Powers dipped in the milkpool for extra mojo, baby!   We’ll even latch onto the whole bachelor theme to make it relevant to (ah, relevance).  I present Battle For Milkquarious , featuring “the luxurious love den of the most milktasticalist rock star in the Super-Universe, White Gold.”


(Don’t you think the main dude looks like the love child of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and another member of the band?)

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2 Responses to “Battle For Milkquarious”

  • Johanna:

    ok…truly…truly this is bizarre. Did I ingest some sort of illegal street substance and am taking some sort of bad trip? At least this is how I feel now….

  • admin:

    I thought the trip was groovy, baby. But, yeah, you’re probably tripping anyway.