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Archive for November 2009

Holiday Hosting Survival Guide with PM Chin

I'd like to go to this party.

I'd like to go to this party.

Are you hosting a holiday party?  Were you tricked?  Whether or not you were tricked into hosting a party or offered to do it of your own volition in a dark moment of madness, you’re doing it.  You should be prepared.

Socializing and throwing shindigs are key parts to the 11 Steps To Becoming A Domesticated Bachelor (Steps #s 8 & 9: Proper Socialization/Throw Parties) and it’s always nice to entertain your friends, but you might be overwhelmed and not really know where to start.

To ease you into the netherworld of party hosting, PM Chin from the blog PM Chin Speaks has provided some tips to help simplify the process of party prep in her post Holiday Host and Hostess Survival. In it she shares stress-minimizing ideas for preparing your place for the attacking guest hoards.

Tips include:  pre-party cleaning, bathroom necessities, limiting menu options, and cultivating assistance.

Update: PM Chin has added a 2nd part to her hosting post:  Holiday Hosting Part 2.

New tips include:  music, menu, gifts, and shopping.

Check it out and stay tuned for upcoming tips from PM Chin.


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Famous Historical Bachelors-A List

by Jonathan Bippity Perry

Billy Idol

Billy Idol

I’ve been compiling a list of famous historical bachelors for a while for no reason. Maybe for future blog posts or so I can worm them annoyingly into awkward conversations.  Maybe I’ll write a cleverly titled book, BACHELOR Profiles In Courage (And Shame), and sneak copies into the Kennedy sections of bookstores and libraries.  I’ve already written about some of the dudes in previous blog posts, if only to help single guys realize how successful they can be with fewer distractions.  Death or some sort of finality is needed to gauge one’s determination at bachelorhood, so I haven’t really included too many modern celebs.  I might throw in living guys like Billy Idol just to mix things up (I’m pretty sure he’s still alive.  And single.).  If you find some other good examples, let me know by leaving insane rambling comments.

Guys I’ve Already Written About (linked for your pleasure)
Vincent Van Gogh
King Ludwig II (Mad King Ludwig)
President James Buchanan (The Bachelor President)
Sherlock Holmes (yeah, he’s fictional)
Thomas Aquinas



Franz Schubert
Johannes Brahms
Maurice Ravel
Frederic Chopin
George Gershwin
Ludwig van Beethoven

Edgar Degas
Edvard Munch
Leonardo DaVinci

Philosophers & Theorists & Writers
Blaise Pascal
Isaac Newton
Adam Smith
Arthur Schopenhauer
W.H. Auden
Immanuel Kant
Henry David Thoreau

Other Random Single Dudes
Edward Heath (former British PM)
Meriwether Lewis
George Eastman

As I study up on some of these goats and discover a few were actually married (or perhaps really women), thus shortening the list, I may be required to add modern bachelors in hopes that they stay lonely (I mean single) for the rest of their lives.  In that event, here are some guys still living (except for a dead one).

Modern Bachelors

Andre the Giant Princess Bride

Andre the Giant (top) w/dudes from The Princess Bride

Billy Idol
Ralph Nader
Al Pacino
Drew Carey (apparently engaged)
Bill Maher
Hugh Grant
Leo DiCaprio
Ed Koch
Anthony Michael Hall
Andre the Giant (yeah, he’s dead)
George Clooney

The secret fake word is spaz.

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Battle For Milkquarious

milkquariousYes, it’s a PR campaign by milk, but it’s way groovy!  You know you’ve been itchin’ to check it out.  It’s a futuristic 70s-style camp rock opera trippin’ as a 15 minute movie.  Think Logan’s Run meets blacksploitation (with mostly whities)  meets campy music by way of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for a groovaliciously weird milk campaign.  It’s like Austin Powers dipped in the milkpool for extra mojo, baby!   We’ll even latch onto the whole bachelor theme to make it relevant to (ah, relevance).  I present Battle For Milkquarious , featuring “the luxurious love den of the most milktasticalist rock star in the Super-Universe, White Gold.”


(Don’t you think the main dude looks like the love child of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and another member of the band?)

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