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Google-Stalking Before A First Date

My favorite video blogger and girl next door, Brigitte Dale, ponders ‘e-stalking‘ (aka Google-Stalking) as a way to find the goods on your upcoming date.  As a paranoid person, she supports e-stalking, while the last issue of Wired magazine is against it.  This is similar to my article, Google-Stalking The Ex, except she’s talking about the first date and not the ex.  See her video below, then read my article like 5 times, if only to inflate the number of hits to my site.  Thanks.  (I’m kidding.  You’d have to actually reload the page 5 times for there to be 5 hits, so you might as well read 5 different articles.  Or just click through all 77 posts.)

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2 Responses to “Google-Stalking Before A First Date”

  • Johanna:

    I totally recommend “Google stalking!” At first I felt it was sort of an invasion of privacy and kinda of rude but after I dated this lying abusive psycho-path the next man I dated I “Google stalked” to make sure I didn’t wind up in the same circumstances….as in therapy for the emotionally/mentally abused…..needless to say he was actually quality and met my standards of human companionship so I married Patrick. :-)

    Now I Google stalk old boyfriends and generally the searches end with “ewwww….I dated that? What was I thinking?”

    Love Wired!

  • admin:

    Google-stalking seems like a good plan. I’m buried in there pretty well, though. Lots of other Jonathan Perrys before you can find me.