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Visually-Oriented Women??

slob1Visually-oriented women?  What’s up with that?  Apparently it’s true.  My friend PM Chin says it is and she’s a girl (woman.  sorry.).

“Here’s the difference in how we approach and value attractiveness: men look at women as if we are already furnished, designer decorated houses, but women look at men more like fixer-upper homes, the kind that need a lot of work.”

After a few delightfully scathing admonishments, Chin has some useful advice for the guys.  Really a funny piece.  Read the full article here:  Turnabout Is Fair Play

There should be a new article about relationships forthcoming (maybe Sunday).  I’m working on a few posts at the moment, but the pigs need more lipstick first.

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4 Responses to “Visually-Oriented Women??”

  • Jay:

    Sounds like you and Chin agree on the basics of a fabulous bachelor. Now, get to waxing that back hair.

  • admin:

    Well, we don’t want our bachelor TOO fabulous. That’s a different blog (I’ll send the address later). Some back hair might happily coexist with a well-groomed bachelor, especially is it’s sparse and sporadic. Sure a waxed bachelor will swim faster & speed along on his bike more quickly, but at what cost?

  • Johanna:

    When I went shopping for a good quality husband creature, I chose someone who was not a fixer upper. Dated a lot of guys that needed significant help….either they were in serious need of mental help (they were obvious psycho-paths) or they were willing to bask in the glow of their hairy guts (butts), and filth realms. I just didn’t have the patience to fix anyone, I am lazy….

    I needed someone who was aged to perfection, cleans out his own nose hair on a regular basis, didn’t need to spend time in a mental institution, and knew how to wash a dish.

    My brother says, he hasn’t found a girlfriend for that exact same reason as he is perfect in every way. He says that all woman seek to fix a man, that is why he is single, as no fixing involved. I kinda of disagree wit this analogy as someone else did as well…he now is seeing someone. So he is no longer perfect….

  • admin:

    Ah! Go Dougie! Is she local?