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Pieces Of A Broken Heart/Music by M Ward

m-ward-postwar-coverIf you haven’t heard M. Ward, now is your chance.  His voice sounds like an old timey recording on a slightly scratchy record that matches well with his mostly acoustic folk guitar.  Many of Ward’s songs could be described as happy wallowing music, meaning he sings a lot about heartbreak, but it’s a good heartbreak that feels comforting and warm.  And happy.  His album, Post-War, is great.  There have been a few other M. Ward albums, including one that just came out.  He’s also in the band She & Him with actress Zooey Deschanel.
First, watch the excellent animated video to Chinese Translation. Don’t forget to catch the second song, Magic Trick, streamed below the video. Happy wallowing (not that you wallow).

Magic Trick

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One Response to “Pieces Of A Broken Heart/Music by M Ward”

  • admin:

    The server for the song “Magic Trick” is down at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be up when you actually read this.