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11 Steps To Becoming A Domesticated Bachelor: #11. Get A Good Job

job2by Jonathan B. Perry

We’ve already covered the first 10 of the 11 steps to becoming a Domesticated Bachelor (the links are peppered throughout this post and at the bottom).  Now, we’ve perhaps arrived at the main thing; get a good job!  A good job helps to pay for keeping a bachelor domesticated.  It’s the glue that holds the airplane model together and sticks to your fingers for days.  It allows the bachelor to keep his fine mud-hut, drive his groovy car into a tree, wear his non-tent-like clothes, aimlessly travel the world, buy his mindlessly distracting toys, and throw those terrible parties to which no one shows up (grand hoohahs). Yes, you must get a good job to be truly domesticated.

Having a job you like is good for personal happiness and satisfaction and can affect your attractiveness to the opposite sex.  This is most useful.  If a woman has to choose between 2 guys who are otherwise equal, it would seem that the better job could push one guy over the top.  That might sound cynical and, perhaps, not always true, but we’re working the odds.  It makes sense because a higher income earner is better able to provide for his family.  Smart women want to be provided for and their mothers have prepared them for this.

If education can help you get a non-sucky pseudo-professional job, get that education or training and move up the ladder.  Maybe study for a Masters or professional degree.  Take night classes if necessary.  Ultimately, we’ll have to work for 40-50 years, unless we get really really rich and can retire sooner (or die earlier), so it‘s important to like your job for peace of mind and/or personal satisfaction.  It helps to quash that dangerous self-loathing (I’m hoping).

So, there you have it, the 11 steps to becoming a Domesticated Bachelor.  I meet only a few of the standards, so I wouldn’t be considered a domesticated bachelor.  Until recently I lived in a frightening apartment for several years (just bought a decent house, but it‘s super messy), don’t socialize very much with the humans, have never thrown a party (grand hoohah), cook very little (mostly sandwiches and spaghetti), have a less than stellar job, I’m only a jack of a few trades, I’m not my college svelteness, though I do have some decent clothes (could be better), and have an acceptable car and some distracting toys.  I’ve even traveled overseas a few times, just to be annoying.  Domestication is still a bit out there for me, but that‘s ok.  For the moment.  This list is sort of my own personal set of challenges and guidelines and maybe soon I can start checking more stuff off the list.  For now, I’m not so much a Domesticated Bachelor, as I am a half-wild goat down on the farm chewing something shiny.

Check out the list below for yourself.

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2 Responses to “11 Steps To Becoming A Domesticated Bachelor: #11. Get A Good Job”

  • Johanna:

    have dated many men in various random professions. You know the usual, slacker, drug dealer (I am certain), librarian, nurse, college drop out (this qualifies as slacker), webmaster (married that one), and lives with his parents (could also be a slacker). The ones that annoyed me most were the ones that made their job sound far more important then it actually was or blatantly lie about their profession. I have to give them credit for attempting to impress me but good grief, eventually I will find out….eventually I will google you!

  • admin:

    Yeah, it’s usually no good trying to impress unless you can be subtle & back it up, right?