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Brigitte Dale And Nice Guys

Girl Next Door archetype and exiled Nebraskan, Brigitte Dale, is a great video blogger I’ve been following for a few years (Doesn’t hurt that she’s super good lookin’.  She’s on my Girl Next Door crush list.).  In her latest video she has some strong words for nice guys and actually gets riled up a bit, which is hilarious (She also uses the word ‘gumption’!).  Her concern is that nice guys retain their own opinions and not feel obligated to cave into the girlfriends’ beliefs and ideas just to make nice, which is only mildly insane.  Below is her YouTube video, but you can also see her new videos here.

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4 Responses to “Brigitte Dale And Nice Guys”

  • Jay:

    I think I used to be that nice guy once upon a time. And I think it was a great reason to be broken up with (in hindsight, of course).

  • Johanna:

    I agree with you John, Brigitte is hot, if I was a guy she would be top on my “crush list” as well.

  • Jay:

    I wouldn’t say “hot” as much as “cute”

  • admin:

    I like organic milk, soy milk, and normal milk. Hybrids are great, too.
    That made little sense. I think cute is hot.