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Mushy Brain Syndrome

brainby Jonathan B. Perry

Yeah, my brain has turned all soft and mushy.  It happens.  Can’t think or focus on most regular-day things, especially blogginess.  Maybe something vaguely to do with spring.  Newness.  Spring fever.  The plague.  Who knows (well, I think I do, but).  I’ll call it Mushy Brain Syndrome.

Mushy Brain Syndrome (MBS) sometimes occurs when you over-obsess about one or a few things to the exclusion of your regular duties and stuff.  Or the pied-piper calls and you follow in an unexpected direction.  Or you get distracted easily by something shiny and new.  Possibly spring asthma has decreased oxygen to my brain.  Maybe super-ADD.  Whatever it is, I can’t concentrate and I’m off my rhythm (not that there was a good rhythm).  Anyway, I’ll have to figure some stuff out and perhaps work on some focusing techniques.  Get some distractions for my distractions.

Do you suffer from Mushy Brain Syndrome?  Have you been checked out for MBS?  What does it do?  How do you deal with it?

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