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What Are Your Favorite Date Ideas?

taiwan-travel1With the weekend here, lots of people are pushing into restaurants and theaters as they join the dating frenzy. Maybe some of you freaks are even going out, doing date stuff. Dinner and a movie have always been a fine standby date combo. Really it’s the person you’re dating that makes the date great, so it shouldn‘t matter what you do. Right? You need to eat anyway and who doesn’t like to watch movies? But there’s always this underlying challenge to outdo yourself and others by going on a cool date. A cool date might be you and your date doing something a little different from the dinner and a movie routine. It’s always a little gratifying to have a successful cool date where you and your girl get dinner at a raw food restaurant, then take in the rollerskating museum before hitting opera karaoke. Or whatever. It can be a fun challenge figuring out something creative to do.

A few days ago, in an online discussion group, I posed the question “What are your favorite date ideas?” I’ve seen monster lists before, but wanted to find out what folks really liked and to see if I could get some other ideas to steal. You know, for my friends who go on dates. I got some great responses.


Generally food was involved, whether it was fine dining with live music or picnicking. Thundercatt99 said, “Why not get out into the wilderness with a compass, map and a picnic lunch — and see what the two of you find?”  From the discussion group, there were ideas to take cooking classes or just make food at home together. Hatingtherain offered this popular variation of home cooking: “Spaghetti for dinner, then lots of wild sex, then falling asleep snuggling on the couch watching Spongebob and The Twilight Zone.”  There were offers to cook.
Other suggestions for learning/making things included painting and salsa dancing. One person said she liked to volunteer at a soup kitchen, clean up the beach, or go to a fundraiser on dates. I personally enjoy concerts, and comedy clubs can be fun and often these dates take you out of town together, especially if you’re in a smaller town. Go antiquing, to a flea market, or bowl. Thelighthouse said, “Museums often have free events, like dance parties or movie screenings. There’s also renaissance faires and swordfighting classes, which are fun if you’re into them and even more hilarious if you’re not into them — ’cause then you just make fun of everyone” (which is what I’d do, but privately as to not embarrass nerds or certain family members).

Adrenaline Activities

Of course, there’s the adrenaline stuff: canoeing, kayaking, sky-diving, mountain climbing, or go-cart racing. Sporty date activities are supposed to be good for raising the adrenaline and help you to get to know your date better in a shorter time, much like travel dating.

But what do you guys like to do? What would you like to try? Tell us your ideas or experiences in the comments section. We’d all like to find something fun and/or new to do on a date.

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10 Responses to “What Are Your Favorite Date Ideas?”

  • Jay:

    Sometimes, Kendra and I would go to Office Max for a date and browse all the nifty office supplies. Yeah, we got married anyway.

    My coolest date ever was in college. I set up a scavenger hunt with clues all over Lincoln, NE. There were clues in public parks and the UNL library and written in chalk on sidewalks. The clue in the UNL library was in a mad libs book that I had planted there. We played some mad libs and then she found the tickets to some odd foreign film playing at the Mary Riepma Ross Film Theatre. It was rad. That’s right… rad!

  • admin:

    Dude! That is rad! I remember hearing about it. Sounds like there was lots of prep.

  • Jay:

    I went on an all-day date once. We packed a picnic lunch and drove out to Mendocino, stopping at Redwood groves along the way. When we got there, we found a spot high up on a cliff right above the crashing waves. We sat down and dangled our feet over the edge and just sat there talking (and kissing) most of the day. We had our picnic lunch, then drove up to another beach and watched the sun set into the ocean. We drove back to Mendocino and shared a dessert at a little coffee shop. That was a great date.

  • admin:

    That sounds great!

  • Johanna:

    My favorite dates involve….
    Shopping for cat litter
    Washing our cars
    Floating in Chico Hot Springs
    Hiking random places in the universe

    My least….
    This guy took me to a Rush Tribute concert in the basement of a bar…so basically it smelled bad, he got drunk and fell asleep on my couch, I lost my hearing for like a day, and like Rush but not that much! He had really no clue what I liked, so not in touch. I dumped him.

  • admin:

    Ooh, cat litter. Good times.
    Jay’s the one who’s ex-girlfriend got him into Rush. I only really know “Tom Sawyer” & think it’s swell for the 5/4 rhythm & tune. I always wear earplugs when I go to most concerts now, what with the deaf Beethovens in the family. Even soft Indie rock stuff can be deceiving with as loud as they crank the speakers.
    Jo, you don’t hitchhike the galaxy, do you?

  • Johanna:

    Always got my towel ready…never know when I will have to leave earth in a hurry!

    I would have liked to wear earplugs the evening of the Rush tribute stinky brain numbness….though short troll did not tell me were or what we were doing. He just said I would like it. By then, I should have known better.

    Funny thing, did learn. In my next relationship I informed my “now husband” Patrick that I didn’t want to go anywhere were my clothes ended up smelling like “Ass.” He promised to never take me to such nasty low-end establishments. Give us a mountain any day!

    Maybe that is a good idea for your blog…dates that don’t involve the desire to Lysol yourself and the burning of your clothes at the end of the evening….

  • admin:

    Haha! You’re hilarious! (and possibly mean) Short troll! You’re such a treasure.
    Yeah, I prefer the non-Ass smell myself. You may soon have a new take on it with the parasite’s exposure to the outer world.

  • Jay:

    Hey. She’s not my ex-girlfriend. We never officially dated.

  • Jill:

    Loved the information here I’ll have this bookmarked and will be back to read more.