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Over 50,000 Served!


Over 50,000 hits now! In just 5 weeks. That’s pretty groovy. I’ll try to contain myself until 75k or 100k is reached, but there are no promises.

Just now Bridget Jones’s Diary is on tv (apparently on Women’s Entertainment, not that I’m really watching it or anything being a guy and all. A straight guy.) and there was a cool scene about Bridget going solo to a dinner party with smug couples. It fits in well with the post on Couples vs Singles, even though Bridget‘s female. Lo and behold, the clip is on YouTube. So, um, watch it. And think about rugby, if it helps.
(As a side note, it occurs to me that Colin Firth plays guys with the the last name Darcy in both this movie and one of the Jane Austen movies. Is that Pride and Prejudice? Yeah, I have to go repair something now.)
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2 Responses to “Over 50,000 Served!”

  • Indeed, o observant one! Bridget Jones’ Diary is, in fact, a REMAKE of Pride & Prejudice! :) (See also, Clueless bzw. Emma).

  • admin:

    Whoa! Freaky. And here I thought only Shakespeare was recycled. Oh, you know I do recall something being said about Clueless. Interesting.