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When Does Middle Age Begin?

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arrested-development-men-so01-wide-horizontalA few months ago I found this article on Newsweek‘s website with an interesting take on bachelors and why they stay single longer (read it here).  The book that’s mentioned, Guyland by sociologist Michael Kimmel, posits that men are increasingly delaying adulthood for several reasons.  I may have to read the book just to mess with my head and stuff.  Read the article.

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7 Responses to “Guyland”

  • It all sounds kinda fun. The drinking, parties, hanging out with friends. Good times. Until you get to the last paragraph that states a good percentage of these folks are living with their parents.

    I’ll take the responsibilities of real life over that, any day!

  • Johanna:

    Guys that party of this age and nature hold little or no interest for me. Those that run around with the facade of marriage and domestic bliss but turn tail into the party guyland at the first available moment I want to beat. They are just trying to get into your pants, well our pants, not John’s pants.

  • admin:

    Thanks for the pants clarification, Jo! 😛

  • admin:

    Yes, that last bit’s a dealbreaker, ain’t it?

  • admin:

    Actually, I’m glad those guys hold little interest for you, considering you are hitched-like.

  • Jay:

    This is actually a pretty depressing article.

  • admin:

    …Said my married brother. Yeah, it’s all fun & games until someone loses an eye. I wonder how the book reads.