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I’m not accusing you readers of being transgender.  I’d never do that.  Not publicly.  Actually, last night, on the 28th day of this domesticated blog, we reached our 40,000th hit!  40,000 hits in just 4 weeks is unreal and completed unexpected and only moderately weird, like those cross-dressing pics recently added to my computer (for blog purposes only), but I’m glad you’re visiting and reading and coming back.  Some of the recent posts have been devoted to crushworthy types of women (if you haven’t read them, the links are below or on the right) and to continue this theme, and celebrate the 40k madness, I present Flight of the Conchords in “Ladies of the World“!  Thanks for reading!

Which is your type? A Pseudo-Cosmo Quiz

Celebrity Crushes:  The Girl Next Door

Celebrity Crushes:  Is Elegance Elitist?

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4 Responses to “40,000 LADY-MAN-LADIES!!”

  • Rachel:

    you are a genius…..and this blog is GENIUS. it’s gonna blow up

  • admin:

    Thanks, Rachel! You’re awfully generous. I’d thought about doing it before, but cringe at self-promotion, etc. Your response to my list thing was a huge push. Thanks lots for that! I’m really enjoying this.

  • Jay:

    I enjoy how you celebrate your hits milestones with a fun video or crazy post.

    I’m thinking you could celebrate your 100,000th hit by actually asking a girl out on a date… and then blogging about it (you’d need to tell her in advance, of course).

    We could all help you get there. Maybe we could even suggest some girls for you.

  • admin:

    What?? What madness is this? Moving from theoretical to practical is a different animal. I’m still wallowing.