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Anagram Generator/REARRANGE GOAT MAN

Anagrams are pretty excellent. Rearranging letters of a word or phrase to make another word or phrase is a lot of mindless fun. Popular with mystery writers, anagrams have worked their way into some bestselling works. so_dark_the_con

The Davinci Code has one (So dark the con of man is an anagram of Madonna of the Rocks). I believe there was a Sherlock Holmes story that used anagrams (but I can’t find it). J. K. Rowling sort of used it in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but cheated (Tom Marvolo Riddle is an anagram of I Am Lord Voldemort, though it‘s really backwards because Tom Marvolo Riddle is the clue, but no one would ever guess the answer as Lord Voldemort with the I am at the beginning. I feel better having said that.).

Now, instead of having to do anagrams by hand with your own brain, there are anagram generators! Yay!  One I like is the Internet Anagram Server.

Check out the anagrams I’ve made below.  Make your own and leave your favorite anagrams in the comments.   We might post some of the best.  Or not.

Domesticated Bachelor=
A restitched cab loomed
A cab ceded hotter limos
Tom decried a hostile cab
a cab directed Tom’s hole

Jonathan Perry=
Rape Rat Johnny (I haven’t used this nickname in years)
Orphan Jay Rent
A horny pent jar
John, retry a nap

Jonathan Bryan Perry=
Thy ornery Japan barn
Horny Japan Bra Entry (Japan, huh?)
Try Nearby Japan Horn
A barren party Johnny
Jab near thy yarn porn

4 Responses to “Anagram Generator/REARRANGE GOAT MAN”

  • Jay:

    Jay Lee Perry = Lay, Jeer, Prey

  • Johanna:

    Dear Horny Japan Bra Entry,
    love the anagram maker…thanks! you have given a whole new level to work today!
    Banjo Ark John

  • Moose:

    Speaking of horny japan bra entries, did you know there’s a company in japan that now makes bras for men? The theory being, I guess, so you can get that lovely, constricted-around-the-chest feeling like the ladies, but in your own, manly size… I think they only come in two colors so far, though…

  • admin:

    Haha! Yes, they really need the full color palette for special occasions. So weird.