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Presidents’ Day Special! The Bachelor President

by Jonathan B Perryjames_buchanan

It seems, historically, that marriage has been an unspoken requirement for American presidents, except, of course, for President #15, James Buchanan (1791-1868), whose raw bachelor sex appeal helped lay the groundwork for the Civil War (maybe not bachelor-induced, but his inability to stop southern succession wasn’t helpful).  Buchanan was the Democrat president right before Lincoln and is often considered by historians to be one of the worst.  And of all the presidents, he was the only one who never married.

It’s not that he didn’t try to debachelorize.  At about age 28 he actually fell in love with and even proposed to Ann Coleman, daughter of a wealthy iron-mill owner.  Sadly, Ann’s folks didn’t think old JB was up to snuff.  Shortly after Buchanan’s proposal was denied, the poor girl died under mysterious circumstances, a rumored suicide, and it seems that JB never tried again, swearing off marriage.  He was even barred from the funeral.  Keeping her letters always, he requested they be burned at his death.  Even so, it was suspected by many, including Andrew Jackson, that Buchanan may have maintained a homosexual relationship with Alabama Senator William Rufus King, with whom he lived for 15 years. Aaron V Brown referred to the two as “Buchanan and his wife”.  It’s hard to know.  Times were different then, though it is interesting to note that the nieces of both men later burned the men’s letters of correspondence.  Lots of letter burning.  How will they burn our blogs or emails when we’re gone?  Didn’t hear this stuff much in history class.

Anyway, Happy Presidents’ Day!

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5 Responses to “Presidents’ Day Special! The Bachelor President”

  • Jay:

    How will they burn our blogs or emails when we’re gone.

    This is the second bachelor profile with homosexual overtones. Something you want to tell us all, bachelor bro?

  • admin:

    They’ll have to destroy our hard drives and clean our memories.
    Well, this one was an accident. I’d written the stuff up through his fiancee’s suicide, then I studied a little more & found this other revelation last night. It could just be that any bachelor is suspect. I may point that out more later.

  • Scott:

    While Buchanan was the only president to be a bachelor for life, he wasn’t the only bachelor elected. Grover Cleveland was married while in office, so he was a bachelor president for one year. Also, we’ve had a few widowed presidents, including Thomas Jefferson and John Tyler, which is a sort of bachelorhood I’d say.

  • admin:

    How about that. What an important oversight about Cleveland. Courting in the White House is groovy stuff.