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Alpha Inventions: Speed Dating for Blogs

speeddatingThis morning I posted my blog and notified my friends.  Being the freak that I am, I soon checked my stats hoping for love from the gang (I’m not at all narcissistic).  Instead, I saw something remarkable.  I found 25 immediate hits for my page from !  What?  On their site I found that every 10-15 seconds was shown a different blog from around the world that had just updated.    Watching the blogs roll by, I finally saw my own.   Wow!  I checked my stats again and another 25 hits had come in!  Amazing.  This all happened within 10 minutes.  Not quite sure how it’s done (their site explains it), but I love it!  One cool thing about it is you can sample lots of other interesting blogs in a very fast way.  It’s almost like speed dating.  For blogs.  If you see one you like, you can select it, go out for dinner and a movie, and learn more.  Or not.  No hurt feelings.  Good stuff.

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